Vista School

April 20, 2010

I have volunteered at the Vista School for Autism for three years now. It is a school dedicated to teaching children, with autism, how to operate in the real world. It is an amazing site, but one can tell that it is amateur made. Its looks are deceiving though, because the site is extremely easy to navigate and has all the information that one would need to know about the school. It is an excellent example of writing for the web.


Getting Creative

April 13, 2010

Are the same old drinking games not doing it for you anymore? Getting a little bored with quarters, beer pong, or flip cup? Well, Lazydork has the solution for you! Movie drinking games. Now you can get bombed while watching your girlfriends favorite he website is extremely easy to navigate and most of the games will actually be xtremely fun. Check it out.

Scary Clowns?!

April 13, 2010

 Yes ma’am you heard right; there is a website dedicated to the scariest clowns imaginable! To be honest, they really do not scary me that much; but I know a lot of people who are terrified of clowns. I guess that it has something to do with how they are supposed to be friendly to children, not kill them. Well the site really gives off a carnival vibe; everything is contrasted with dark and bright colors. To be quite honest, it is kind of creepy. I did you guys a fovr by directing you exactly to the page with the scariest clown of all. I think someone should face their fears and give it a try.

Well, the place was never that nice either; kind of like the site. I am suprised to see the site poorly managed and just flat out boring. The white background just makes me feel like I am reading some home made site, and it is nowhere near organized. At least I am not working at Barnaby’s anymore.


March 31, 2010

By far the best band of all time; I refuse to tell you anything more because I actually want you to listen to them. Please check out their site. Thank me later for letting you in on the secret.

A Delco Classic

March 30, 2010

I love to tell stories. Period. If you were to give me a couple cold drinks and some of your time I could rattle off any type of story that you would want to here. I have had enough crazy experiences to have a diverse selection. One of my most favorite one’s to tell is the one about the local legend, Satanville. Yes there is a satanic church, and yes! I have had something very crazy happen to me there. Check out the site before you here my story though; it was made by a couple of obsessed ghost hunters, but the site is extremely informative. If you want to hear my story, well, I suppose it is better to hear in person…

So I may or may not be a fan of the brown drink. By this I mean Jack Daniel’s. Me and him have known eachother for a while and have gotten to be really good friends. As a favor he asked me to mention his site on my blog. Being the good friend I am I agreed. Check it out, it is a pretty cool site!

Baby Gramps! If there is anything that has been passed through my family, it is definitely our shared love for some weird music. Baby Gramps is old; no one knows how old, but the man is ancient. He plays an insane, and often, unorthodox guitar and pedal steel guitar. His site is very smooth and really gives off a southern vibe. Please feel free to explore his site and look up some of his music. The man deserves that much.


March 16, 2010

Every Greek organization has a headquarters; in some way or another. Some are small homes where the organization was founded. Phi Kappa Psi as a gorgeous place called Laurel Hall; it is the number one wedding spot in Indiana. The site is set up especially well and really gives one the vibe that they will get when they walk in Laurel Hall. The color scheme is extremely peaceful and the site is easy to navigate. Click on the link and wish you lived there.

I do not like to use the word hate, it is way to strong of a word; it is the equivalent to Everclear liquor. The closest thing that I have to hate is for Twilight and that is why I took a look at a fan site that loves it more than God loves his only begotten son. The site is impressive, even though I could not stand it, it was put together rather well. I was impressed with the amount of work and information it contained. It also made me laugh to see how many people love those books; I guess as long as it gets people reading. Maybe it will set some people on the road to discovering the Dark Tower.