Mermaids do existence; I swear on that statement, just not in the way most of us know. Sorry to break some hearts out there, but Ariel is not swimming around in an underwater kingdom with a Jamaican lobster. There is a disease that some children are born with where their feet are molded together, rendering them unable to walk. In a great twist of events, probably restoring most of the hope that I have lost in the human race, doctors have successfully come up with an operation to make two legs. The pictures say the entire thing; but please read the report at the bottom of the page for some excellent medical jargon. Word!


Sleeping is Overrated

May 11, 2010

College gives a young adult plenty of experiences; but one that most kids are not ready for is the all nighters! Cramming for the last final? Forgot to do a twenty page paper, and it is due in eight hours? Been there, done that. Here are some tips on staying awake; but more importantly it is, again, a great example of conveying humor through writing for the web.


May 11, 2010

There is nothing better than being able to make someone laugh through writing. I feel that it is a talent and a blessing; yet it take a real professional to pull off. I think I found one on wordpress actually. This article as one of the funniest things I have come across on the net. Who would not make fun of this guy? I mean, come on! In a savage, yet immensely entertaining diagram, the author proceeds to tear this guy, Oliver, apart from top to bottom. Read it at thank me later.

In a lost generation of children who have grown up with cartoons, I feel that they have slipped somewhat over the years. There will always be one character who will always be a boss; that man is Popeye! He ate spinach, served his country, drank heavily, and fought every man who even looked at his woman; he is a true American! The website is really easy to follow and gives some amazing insight to how the character was created. Check out the website an honor a great man.

The Slender man!

April 26, 2010

Just as an example of how good children have got with technology; take the Slender man as the best example. After having a contest to create the scariest creature on a website, the Slender man was invented. People liked him so much that they started to create more and more fake pictures; the funny part about this is that everyone started to send the pictures to paranormal experts and they started believing that this figment of imagination existed! Check out the site for more information about the story. Please look at the pictures too, because that is the best part of the website. Who knows, maybe the Slender man is out there?

My only regret

April 21, 2010

For some reason I love extreme film; and by this I mean films that really push the envelope on what is allowed to be shown on screen. I think one of our alumni, Nemo, is to blame because he showed me some disturbing films such as Eraserhead and some others. Well after that I was hooked! Something about not being able to predict what happens next gives me a huge adrenaline rush. I think I dug a little too deep because I finally stumbled upon August Underground Mordum. I will warn everyone right now. Never seek this movie out, forget I even mentioned it and continue on with your loves. I literally threw up during this movie and lost two days of sleep because I was unable to get the images out of my head. The link is to the top fifteen disturbing films of all time. I am doing this because the blog is actually quite interesting because there is a lot of artistic incite as to what is going on with films these days. An excellent example of communicating through the web and the webpage has some really cool articles too.

Troubled Teens

April 21, 2010

While I do love foundations that are willing to help out troubled teens, like Anasazi, the site is terrible. The tabs have literally no place in the site at all, all one has to do is keep pushing the next button at the bottom of the page and they will go through the entire site in five minutes. I do like how they have the alumni stories up; even though I have no idea what they are talking about, it is still interesting to read. The colors make me uncomfortable for some reason, maybe because I do not like the desert. Anyway, great cause but a poor site. Swing and a miss, Anasazi, please sit down.


April 21, 2010

I am really interested in criminals; especially computer hackers, simply because I know that I could never do those things. Wired magazine came up with a very interesting article depicting the top hacks of all time; surprisingly most were done by teenagers! The article is very well written and the site is a very interesting set up; especially the contrasting colors. I have to admit that I was expecting more, especially from Wired magazine, but I guess simple is sometimes the best way to go.

O.K. I may be obsessed

April 21, 2010

So, I finished the Dark Tower series a while ago; but it was the most epic series of books that I have ever read. The concepts behind these books are so mind blowing that I am still having trouble wrapping my head around it. That is why I was able to stumble across this encyclopedia about all the characters of the Dark Tower Series. It is so informative and so well written that I had to post it on my blog. It is also a great jumping off point to get into the series; and the pictures really help define the character. Check out the site then go read those books!

100 Funniest Movies

April 21, 2010

Bravo usually does some pretty awesome lists. It seems that this is one of them; again the writing is extremely funny and I believe one of the hardest things to do is write funny. This site does it though! Pretty nice set up to, with the contrasting colors and all.