Mermaids do existence; I swear on that statement, just not in the way most of us know. Sorry to break some hearts out there, but Ariel is not swimming around in an underwater kingdom with a Jamaican lobster. There is a disease that some children are born with where their feet are molded together, rendering them unable to walk. In a great twist of events, probably restoring most of the hope that I have lost in the human race, doctors have successfully come up with an operation to make two legs. The pictures say the entire thing; but please read the report at the bottom of the page for some excellent medical jargon. Word!


Sleeping is Overrated

May 11, 2010

College gives a young adult plenty of experiences; but one that most kids are not ready for is the all nighters! Cramming for the last final? Forgot to do a twenty page paper, and it is due in eight hours? Been there, done that. Here are some tips on staying awake; but more importantly it is, again, a great example of conveying humor through writing for the web.


May 11, 2010

There is nothing better than being able to make someone laugh through writing. I feel that it is a talent and a blessing; yet it take a real professional to pull off. I think I found one on wordpress actually. This article as one of the funniest things I have come across on the net. Who would not make fun of this guy? I mean, come on! In a savage, yet immensely entertaining diagram, the author proceeds to tear this guy, Oliver, apart from top to bottom. Read it at thank me later.