My only regret

April 21, 2010

For some reason I love extreme film; and by this I mean films that really push the envelope on what is allowed to be shown on screen. I think one of our alumni, Nemo, is to blame because he showed me some disturbing films such as Eraserhead and some others. Well after that I was hooked! Something about not being able to predict what happens next gives me a huge adrenaline rush. I think I dug a little too deep because I finally stumbled upon August Underground Mordum. I will warn everyone right now. Never seek this movie out, forget I even mentioned it and continue on with your loves. I literally threw up during this movie and lost two days of sleep because I was unable to get the images out of my head. The link is to the top fifteen disturbing films of all time. I am doing this because the blog is actually quite interesting because there is a lot of artistic incite as to what is going on with films these days. An excellent example of communicating through the web and the webpage has some really cool articles too.


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