The truth is out there

March 10, 2010

I am going to be completely honest; a lot of things do not scare me. I guess I am just too practical for anything to scare because the way I see it, everything’s eventual. But deep down inside, one thing does absolutely terrify me; aliens. I will tell you why, because we have no idea if they exist or not, we know absolutely nothing about them, they have to be far more intelligent than humans because they have mastered space travel, and they come into your bedroom and abduct you. I am being serious! Everything about them is terrifying. That is why this well known site, is either hysterical or terrifying. It is a conspiracy site where anyone can post anything that involves conspiracy, whether it be about ghosts, ex-President Bush (always funny), or new medicine. It is just a creepy set up for a site, the colors are weird, and they have creepy pictures next to the topic, and UFO’s all over the place! There really are some legitimate arguments on the site though, since some of the people who blog on there are really intelligent and can disprove some theories with just reading two sentences. It is easy to navigate since they break all the topics down into sub groups. Check it out if you want to be entertained or frightened. Some of that stuff has to be true though…just check it out for yourself.


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