Search & Destroy

March 10, 2010

My heroes are extremely diverse: they can go from historical figures such as Winston Churchill to my dad, and everything in between. I have to say though, when man really sticks out in my mind above all else…Henry Rollins. He is the epitome of the twenty first century Renaissance man. He is a poet, writer, motivational speaker, and all around boss. I first came across a black flag album when I was twelve years old. My cousin had given me one for my birthday and from the first time I heard his voice I was hooked. To hear a grown man so motivated, so ashamed, and so proud to be pissed off was liberating. I was just breaking the mold of the person who I would be today, and realized I did not agree with most things. Henry assured me through his music, that it was alright or even encouraged, to question the answers. His site is a great one to come by; it is just like him, raw and in your face. He posts nothing but tour dates and an occasional update about how he is doing. The structure and colors really make one feel like this site is all business, there is no messing around with a man like Henry Rollins and his site perfects that image. Here’s to a man who is too angry to laugh, and too motivated to stop.


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