A good old fashion underground music site

March 9, 2010

R5 Productions is one of the coolest production companies on earth. They are extremely big in the Philadelphia Indie scene with promoting and setting up shows. Most of these shows are thrown in Philly Chruch basements or local houses; but they are the force that set up the legendary Lifetime show in Jersey in less than 7 hours. The site is amazing if one is looking to find new music or just go to a good local show. Most of the bands that are promoted on the site are not necessarily known by many; but that is exactly what makes the site awesome. It is one of the best ways to get into the scene in Philly. The site itself is extremely easy to navigate and does not have a learning curve. It is awesome to just scroll down the homepage and see interesting bands, click on the picture, and get a little biography and the link to their website. The biographies are very well written also, and the organization of the site works perfectly. Please check this site out and support a good scene.


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