A good punk site?

February 15, 2010

I have been following punknews for a while now; I would say somewhere around six or seven years now. I have seen the site when it was purely about music; and young, angry, teenagers commenting on the stupidity of the scene. It was interesting, and also mind dumbing, to see what some kids would think about the latest release from their favorite band. Well I guess the site has grown up, because they now offer news and reviews from anything that can trace its roots back to punk rock. The site, along with most of its visitors, has matured; the comments are no longer a haven for stupidity and ignorance, they are now filled with well thought out answers and serious questions. Most of the stories on the main page are about old punk rockers now making a difference; Henry Rollins is usually up on the front page about once a week. The writing and the overall style has improved too; with a new site up, it looks better and is much more organized. It is just awesome to see how even a scene can change, and for the better. Do yourself a favor and check out the site; it just might suprise you.


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