February 3, 2010

When you are in a fraternity life goes up and down real fast. One day everyone has a girlfriend; weekends are spent with the same group of girls and we all just kind of calm down. It was relaxing most of the time, and life became one big undisturbed lake. I got to say, I did kind of like it; it is always calming to know what is coming around the bend; you know, having a nice, dependable routine. It was nice for a while; then something started to happen. All of us started to get that old fire in the eye; it is impossible to hold down a wild thing. After a lot of fighting and one unfortunate incident I came across this poem, and I knew that I would have to get this ball rolling. After a couple of weeks things started to go downhill fast; the girlfriends were dropping faster than curse words from an Irishman. The last one went last week, and I am kind of sad…maybe we all made a decision too fast? Maybe we did not think things through? There are a lot of maybe’s and a lot of “I don’t knows” but I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself. I don’t plan on starting now.


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