Man o War!!!!!

February 2, 2010

Seeing this animal for the first time was like discovering sitcking firworks in a glass bottle makes them blow up. At first shocked, then so intrigued that you are risking your left hand to hear another explosion. This has got to be the manliest fish of all time because of a couple reasons: 1) It is called the man o war…I belive that Zeus himself had a fish tank full of these on Mount Olympus because they were they only marine animal that was worthy enough to be a pet of a god. 2) They travel in swarms…It is bad luck to run into one of them, but it you see one that means that at least twenty more are right behind it! God knows that these things are going to hurt you worse than the first time your mom told you Santa wasn’t real. 3) They are mutli-colored! The man o war is so comfortable with his sexuality that he can rock tie dye and Schwarzenegger would still run away from him. My hat goes off to the Man O War; proving once and for all that just because you are made of gelatenous goo doesn’t mean that you are a wimp.


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